Spirituality & The Formation Of The Worship Leader InResponse: Ignatius

This term, our One Year Diploma students at the Institute Of Contemporary & Emerging Worship Studies are engaging with the riches of spiritual formation literature throughout the ages of the Church. We are also engaging together in a Spiritual Formation Group, based on Richard Foster and Renovare’s model, and participating with resident SSU Spiritual Director Lorna Jones in Ignatian Prayer activities.

To become present to God, to His activity in history, to His word, to ourselves and to one another inside and outside of community – this is a primary goal for this course.

Anyone is welcome to join in these InReflection blog posts on spiritual formation, which will be for our course participants to reflect on ideas they have been reading about and applying from historic spiritual formation literature.

Our next reading is focused on Ignatius:The Movements Of The Soul.


Reflect on the key ideas presented in this writing, and reflect on how do they personally apply to your life as a follower of Jesus, as a spiritual influencer and as a creative leader. (300-500 words).

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