St. Stephen’s University

The Beginning

St. Stephen’s University is a transdenominational Christian university located in the border town of St. Stephen, New Brunswick, just across the St. Croix River from Calais, Maine.

Hosting professors from both Protestant and Catholic traditions (Vineyard, Roman Catholic, Anglican primarily), St. Stephen’s University is a small university that is becoming an epicenter for ancient-future thinking, community formation and emerging cultural leadership.

Just a few miles down the river is St. Croix Island, where the 400th anniversary of European settlement was celebrated in 2004. The French expedition which wintered there in 1604 included a Roman Catholic priest and a Hugenot minister, to provide for the spiritual needs of the little community and to begin evangelism among the people of the area. SSU is inspired by that first transdenominational community planted in this very area.

Planning began in 1971 for a new centre of Christian higher learning in Canada—one that would reflect a Biblical world and life view in all its activities. In 1975, the first students were enrolled in St. Stephen’s University, located near Canada’s border with the United States in St. Stephen, New Brunswick.

In 1998, SSU received a charter from the Province of New Brunswick to grant legally-recognized Bachelor and Master’s degrees in Liberal Arts and Ministry Studies.

The expanding University campus includes two historic 19th century buildings. Park Hall, which includes residence and academic facilities as well as the University chapel, overlooks the St. Croix River separating St. Stephen from Calais, Maine. The Governor Todd Mansion, a block away, provides additional residence space. In addition to the historic buildings, the N. D. Lea Ministry Centre provides residential and study facilities for full and part-time Ministry Studies students, and St. Croix Hall provides additional residence facilities and a classroom.

St. Stephen’s University offers a setting and programs that are unique. The University is a community of faith and learning characterized by:

(1) the centrality of its worship;
(2) the pattern of its community life;
(3) academic programs in Arts and
Ministry that are international, intercultural, and interdenominational in scope.

As a Christian University, St. Stephen’s encourages the highest standards of attitude and practice among all members of the University community. We seek to create and maintain a campus climate conducive to spiritual and intellectual maturation.


Community worship is characterized by a thoughtful approach to Scripture, a love of adoring God, an openness to the work of the Holy Spirit, and a concern for the world at large.

The University gathers for an informal time of worship several times each week. On Sundays students, faculty and staff are encouraged to participate in worship at local churches.


For more information on the St. Stephen’s University Bachelor’s and Master’s programs, visit our website.

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