Summer Happenings

For today, just a life update for the summer.

I’m writing in the Perspectives On Worship book for Broadman Holman,

planning a course for St. Stephen’s University in the fall,

completing the new What Is Worship? DVD,

putting together some book proposals,

reading for my masters, fixing my house and

trying not to stress about life turns in the autumn.

Family and friend visits are occuring in a steady stream. The east coast of Canada calls, and we’ll poke our heads into favorite spot, Prince Edward Island again.

I’m also preparing for What Is Worship events in Northern Ireland (Alan and Kathryn Scott) and Oxford this September, and doing some worship development planning for the Vineyards in Canada.

And eating ice cream often. Nothing says summer like a Peanut Butter Cup Flurry (blizzard) my friends. Speaking of which….

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