Sunday Morning Is A Concert – Of Humble Leadership

Worship leadership is just one part of a “concert of leadership” that takes place each week, at each gathering.

As worship leaders, small mis-steps in the ways we handle our leadership role, arising due to unchecked motives hidden in our hearts (often surprising even us), can break that concert.

When we go over time because we “feel like we should,” without another pastoral leader’s blessing, we break that concert and are a solo act.

When we do songs that “we want to,” with interior resistance to guidance from an overseeing leader or a larger plan for song usage, we break that concert and are a solo act. 

When we forget to speak well of one another when behind a microphone (or behind a closed door), we break that concert and are a solo act.

Community, especially for musicians and worship leaders, demands a shared sacrifice and humility that holds our corporate discipleship success together as a higher value than our moments of stage leadership.

To be truly pastoral is to care for the whole, and to remain in concert with all leadership expressions occurring at any given gathering.

Humility, in this context, is then a non-negotiable for a worship leader.

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