Symposium | Yale School of Architecture

Here’s an event that some friends have given me the heads up about, but that is out of my reach in its timing. If anyone goes, and can gather media, I’d love to connect with its content.

Contemporary Sacred Architecture

Jointly sponsored by the Yale School of Architecture, the Yale Institute of Sacred Music, and the Yale Divinity School, this symposium seeks to explore ways of widening the circle of discussion about the nature of the sacred in relation to architectural and urban space. The intention of this symposium is to open a discourse between architects, sociologists, philosophers and theologians by engaging an international and interfaith audience in the consideration of the powerful influence religion has come to exert in contemporary civic life, and the concretization of that role in the design and construction of prominent religious buildings.

This symposium is held in conjunction with, and follows, the Yale Institute of Sacred Music conference “Sacred Space,” Thursday-Friday, October 25-26 (for details on that conference visit

Symposium | Yale School of Architecture

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