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The X-Gene: Why Christians Are Mutants In The World

Please indulge me for just a few moments. I have a confession to make. I am an off-the-charts, no-holds-barred, next-to-incorrigible, superhero geek. I have loved superheroes since I was a little boy. I had all the action figures, all the comic books, and currently have

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An Open Letter About World Vision Rants

To my fellow bloggers, social media writers, and friends who have weighed in on the heated debate over World Vision’s decisions over the past weeks, The following letter is for you, and has nothing to do with the decision. It has everything to do with

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Can Our Current Vision Of Worship Alter The World?

(Part 3 in the Worship White Noise blog series) I admit at the outset of this book, that I am one of those who is both immersed in, and enamored with, the riches of faith displayed in and through contemporary worship music. I lead it. I write

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Why Time After Time Made It Into My Worship Set

This weekend, the lyrics and melody to the song, Time After Time (Cyndi Lauper and Rob Hyman of The Hooters) found their way into my worship set. It was a spontaneous moment of playing while many people were being prayed for related to physical and

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