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An Open Letter About World Vision Rants

To my fellow bloggers, social media writers, and friends who have weighed in on the heated debate over World Vision’s decisions over the past weeks, The following letter is for you, and has nothing to do with the decision. It has everything to do with

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10 Ways To Stir The Waters Of Your Creativity

Over the years I have come to firmly believe that every human being is “creative” in some way, shape, or form. By creative, I mean that we all have the capacity to create – to make things – that serve needs and incarnate dreams in

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An Open Letter To Jon Foreman and Switchfoot

Dear Jon and Switchfoot, At the time of this writing, you are in the midst of your Fading West Tour, and a band of protesters has been dogging you from date to date. They have screamed at you through megaphones that your vision of the

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A New Working Definition Of Worship

(Part 6 in the Worship White Noise blog series) As a child, I would make up words for fun. It got me into trouble at school, but the habit seemed to make life more interesting for me – especially as I awakened to the reality that the

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