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My Life As An Acolyte

(Part 1 in the Worship White Noise series) I remember the moments in the back stairway, behind the sanctuary, like they were yesterday. Clothed in a black robe and with a shimmering white collar, I knew I was in my element the moment I first walked

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Who Are We To Lead Worship?

Who Are We To Lead Worship? Every Sunday morning, a man or woman steps up behind a microphone in the congregation, or straps on their guitar on a Wednesday night in a small group, or gets up in front of the youth – to lead

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Our Forest Floors

It’s the forest floor to which I most liken our lives. Fresh falls light on former falls, and all falls lie, whispering together as one, “Thank you, former falls, and welcome, fresh falls. We give our green again to the world.” We fall, we die,

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An Open Word To My College-Aged Friends

I have some straight talk for my college and postgraduate-aged friends who are facing a world that is increasingly, and aggressively, opposed to a living faith in Jesus. The less you cultivate your interior life of engaged intimacy with the Spirit of God, in consistent

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