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Worship Leader – Get Off The Platform

Worship Leader – get off the platform. Let me tell you what I don’t mean by that – and what I do mean. I don’t mean that you should stop leading, or even performing, from a platform. Physical platforms serve a necessary function in many worship

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4 Miraculous Truths For Parenting Teenagers

There are truths about parenting teenagers that every Dad and Mom needs to hear – mainly so we don’t go insane thinking that our own experience is unlike anyone else’s. Trust me, you are not alone in the spiritual cage-match that parenting teens can be. Our kids

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7 Truths About The Open-Tomb Life

This is the final week of the 50-day Easter season, leading us toward Pentecost Sunday – when we celebrate the moving of the Spirit in the heart of the Church at Pentecost. For that reason, let’s reconsider what it means to live what I like

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