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Richard Rohr On “The Cosmic Christ”

From Richard Rohr, as interviewed by my friend Travis of The Work Of The People. Fascinating take on Christ and the Resurrection. I may not assent to everything here, but I always love Rohr’s approach to the wrestlings of faith.      

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Worship Resources

4 Fresh Ways Of Talking About Worship

In my other post, A New Definition Of Worship Big Enough To Live In, I unpacked a way of defining worship that wasn’t limited to Sunday mornings, music, or worship conferences. Based on that definition, we have 4 fresh ways we can begin to talk about

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A New Definition Of Worship Big Enough To Live In

We need a more compelling definition of worship. Our current one is causing crazy problems with our stages, experiences, and direction. This generation has come to equate worship with music and what happens on a Sunday morning. A definition of worship should include that, but not

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The X-Gene: Why Christians Are Mutants In The World

Please indulge me for just a few moments. I have a confession to make. I am an off-the-charts, no-holds-barred, next-to-incorrigible, superhero geek. I have loved superheroes since I was a little boy. I had all the action figures, all the comic books, and currently have

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