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What Is Worship White Noise?

(Part 4 in the Worship White Noise blog series) You’ve probably heard the unmistakable hiss at some point in your life. White noise is a wall of sound produced when all frequencies of the audio spectrum, emitting from any particular device, are simultaneously amplified to the same

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Can Our Current Vision Of Worship Alter The World?

(Part 3 in the Worship White Noise blog series) I admit at the outset of this book, that I am one of those who is both immersed in, and enamored with, the riches of faith displayed in and through contemporary worship music. I lead it. I write

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An Open Word To My College-Aged Friends

I have some straight talk for my college and postgraduate-aged friends who are facing a world that is increasingly, and aggressively, opposed to a living faith in Jesus. The less you cultivate your interior life of engaged intimacy with the Spirit of God, in consistent

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3 Surprising Reasons The New Pope Matters

3 SURPRISING REASONS THE NEW POPE MATTERS Dan Wilt, M.Min.  There are many reasons the faithful believe the new Pope matters – and others do not. Here are my top 3 for why roles like this must exist to balance out the thrusts of random

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