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Life Worship And The Shift

“If the Church can begin to maximize its language of Life Worship, support it with the language of Gathered Worship, and hit delete on the language of ‘secular occupations and music,’ we may get somewhere with our generation. Until that time, we will spin our

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One Story, Two Streams

The following article will be part the work to which my brother-in-law and I will be giving our attention in the next while. This post is for Christians, primarily, but my other friends from non-faith or other-faith backgrounds are welcome to read it. It is

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7 Ways To Respond To Epiphany

. 7 WAYS TO RESPOND TO EPIPHANY Dan Wilt Epiphany begins January 6, 2012, and goes until the beginning of Lent on February 22, 2012 (Ash Wednesday). The word epiphany means “the Revealing,” or “the Showing,” and celebrates Christ’s revealing to the Gentiles. The coming

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Dan Wilt on Keep The Faith Radio – Partner

. We Need Your Help. To put it simply, it takes time and energy to create great stories and brief teachings that access the heart. With 1.5 million+ listening in, overtaking debut views for new Oprah and Rosie shows, we want to do this right.

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