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3 Reasons I Want To Bleed Worship

When you’re cut, you bleed. I bleed. We all bleed. And life cuts us. Sometimes it scratches us when a phone bill is off by a few dollars, and we’re frustrated that we must spend part of the currency we call “life” dealing with it.

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4 Miraculous Truths For Parenting Teenagers

There are truths about parenting teenagers that every Dad and Mom needs to hear – mainly so we don’t go insane thinking that our own experience is unlike anyone else’s. Trust me, you are not alone in the spiritual cage-match that parenting teens can be. Our kids

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Creative Fuel: Care For The Poor

Many creative leaders of faith that I know are looking for the latest musical inspiration, teaching inspiration, or media inspiration to give them the boost they need to get the waters of their creativity stirred again. Today, I want to share one way of dealing

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