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It is the morning. A new day has dawned, and in these moments I find the Source of Life did not leave my heart through the night. If a cadence can be discerned in our days, it is this. That each moment is a window

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The Church Is Not Anti-Empire: A Response

I am grateful for a newsletter I’ve chosen to regularly receive, called Inward/Outward, from Church Of The Savior in Washington, D.C. I deeply value their ethos, and it is generally shared here in our faith community in St. Stephen. It is a newsletter I highly

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Bearers Of Memory: The Worship Leading Vocation

Acts of worship (I’m specifically speaking now of worship through sacramental expression) are most fully about reclaiming memory. When we remember, we connect, we pray, we offer, we delight, we repent, we appreciate, we hope, we help. We all suffer from an amnesia, or loss

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