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Richard Rohr On “The Cosmic Christ”

From Richard Rohr, as interviewed by my friend Travis of The Work Of The People. Fascinating take on Christ and the Resurrection. I may not assent to everything here, but I always love Rohr’s approach to the wrestlings of faith.      

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3 Ways Thomas Is My Easter Doppleganger

We all know his name. Thomas, as he was called, or “Doubting Thomas” as we humorously name him today, has a permanent place in the history of Grace. In John 20:24-29 (see below), Thomas has an encounter with the Easter Jesus that marks one of

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The X-Gene: Why Christians Are Mutants In The World

Please indulge me for just a few moments. I have a confession to make. I am an off-the-charts, no-holds-barred, next-to-incorrigible, superhero geek. I have loved superheroes since I was a little boy. I had all the action figures, all the comic books, and currently have

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An Open Letter To Jon Foreman and Switchfoot

Dear Jon and Switchfoot, At the time of this writing, you are in the midst of your Fading West Tour, and a band of protesters has been dogging you from date to date. They have screamed at you through megaphones that your vision of the

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Can Our Current Vision Of Worship Alter The World?

(Part 3 in the Worship White Noise blog series) I admit at the outset of this book, that I am one of those who is both immersed in, and enamored with, the riches of faith displayed in and through contemporary worship music. I lead it. I write

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