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Dan Wilt on Keep The Faith Radio – Listen

. These Are Troubled Times – But Stories Can Heal. These are troubled times. The ache in the soul of every person we know, young or old, has been there since the day we were born. It’s a longing for hope in the face of

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The Next Worship Leaders

The Next Worship Leaders Dan Wilt At the age of 10, I had the privilege of serving as an acolyte in my family’s small United Methodist Church. The acolyte is the cherubic little boy or girl that lights the candles on the altar with a

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Lessons With Saint Patrick For Christ Followers Today

Lessons From Saint. Patrick for Christ Followers Today By Dan Wilt 1. Draw Diagrams With Druids Patrick met people and their worldviews where they were, and led them to consider a new possibility. The story is told of how Patrick, on a sandy beach, dialogued

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Creational Theology

N.T. Wright On Being An ImageBearer

The following is a video by friend and noted New Testament scholar N.T. (Tom) Wright, former Bishop Of Durham and renowned Bible scholar. With a focus in Worship and Creativity, these particular clips will be helpful for those who care about Art, Beauty and Mission.

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