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Confessions: My Daily Personal Worship Pattern

CONFESSIONS: MY DAILY PERSONAL WORSHIP PATTERN Dan Wilt We all need fresh, intensely practical approaches to keeping our faith rich and growing over the years of our life. As a creative personality, I’ve struggled through the years to establish patterns in my personal worship life.

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A Public Challenge To Christian Colleges And Universities

A Public Challenge To Christian Colleges And Universities. It is time we used our influence in shaping the worship vision of millions of Christian students each year by taking some core, provocative action steps. While arts programs and the humanities tend to fall in behind

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The Next Worship Leaders

The Next Worship Leaders Dan Wilt At the age of 10, I had the privilege of serving as an acolyte in my family’s small United Methodist Church. The acolyte is the cherubic little boy or girl that lights the candles on the altar with a

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