The Wilts Have Landed

front-ben-flowerWell, blog friends, we have landed in our new home in Franklin/Nashville, Tennessee, USA.

I am going to be working with great friend Kim Gentes, of and, developing our Essentials Community and much, much more. I’ll be excited to share things with you as we progress, but it’s still a bit early for announcements. I will say this – the vision is far reaching, and the goal will be more of what we have been doing through the Essentials Course, only expanding our reach in exponential ways.

Suffice it to say, our family made the hard, screeching turn that is a quick move for a family of two parents and 3 teenagers (Anna is in North Carolina with Anita’s parents doing her last year of high school, Abbi is with us here and is in 11th grade at Page High School, and Ben is with us here and is in 8th grade at Page Middle School.)

We live in a lovely location in Franklin, and are meeting some of our neighbors, slowly, but surely. I’ll be continuing to lead the Essentials Community, our beautiful and growing group of worship leading friends across continents, and the Master Of Ministry program in Worship Studies And Spiritual Formation in partnership with St. Stephen’s University. I.e. The Worship And Arts Institute is alive and well, and we are anticipating some exciting things around the corner.

That’s a brief “we landed” update for all my blog pals, and you will hear more from as we progress!

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