The First Snow

The first PowerSnow has just fallen on us here at St. Stephen’s University.

It’s absolutely beautiful. We collected trees and boughs of long needle white pines this afternoon in the forests of New Brunswick. Yet, the shovelling has got to go.

Human beings – we respond to seasons, just like we have for thousands and thousands of years, and just like we will for thousands and thousands more.

For all our thoughts about cultural formation and emerging spiritual forms, human beings will be human beings. We’re made for the earth and its activities, and it is made for us. It’s our optimal, sensory and spiritual environment.

According the New Testament canon, we won’t leave it in the end to float around the Andromeda galaxy; the heavens and the earth will be made new for us – our eternal home in the cosmos will involve the sod that is part of our nature, and God’s breath which is part of our nature.

All that we find beautiful we frame in the language of either creation and its ideas, or relationships and their ideas.

The first snow has fallen here at St. Stephen’s University.

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