The Indelible Art Of Storytelling – The CMB Momentum Event

As you may know, it’s been a privilege to share stories weekly on the Keep The Faith show, which is now reaching nearly 2 million listeners each weekend around the world.

As my work has largely been to tell stories from everyday life that capture what it means to live out the “heart of worship,” I’ve been invited to do a keynote for the Christian Music Broadcaster’s (CMB) annual gathering.

DJs from across the country, artists, and record label leaders will be coming together, and I see this as a great privilege. The fact that it’s held at Disney and my beautiful wife can come? All the better.

The title of my talk is:

The Indelible Art Of Storytelling:
How To Help Your Listeners Never Forget What You Say

These men and women are, in many homes, offices, and cars, the frontline faith voices many Christians are hearing week in and week out.

I’m looking forward to helping them tell effective, memorable stories that never leave their listeners.

This quote really says it all, from Jimmy Neil Smith, the Founder and President of the International Storytelling Center in Tennessee:

“We are all storytellers. We all live in a network of stories. There is no stronger connection between people than storytelling.”

I couldn’t agree more. I welcome your prayers for Momentum, and my part within it.




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