The Jesus Tomb: Some Helpful Links

Some very good discussions around here precipitated by the “Jesus Tomb” debate. So much could be written here, but for those wrestling with the Discovery Channel piece, I hope they are helpful.

Big budget productions can be very convincing, of course, and would indeed have significant implications if “true,” though truth has many faces it seems when human beings are involved.

My favorite moment was spent with my brother-in-law, when we went to the extremes and cast a wide orbit around faith in Jesus, the scandal of particularity, and the battle that, as Father Raneiro Cantalamessa (preacher to the papal household for Pope John Paul II) stated to a group of us as Vineyard leaders in Rome, is always “around the King.” God conversations are easy; involve Jesus and the fray begins.

If redemption has not come into a clearly beautiful, but bent world, then the random universe has no reason for hope. That’s a limited sentence covering a vast amount of territory.

I look forward to science scrutinizing science, as can be seen below in some of these media pieces, over the next 30 years on this one.

The Discovery Channel has the piece itself for viewing.

Here are refutations:

National Geographic Archaeological Disagreement Article


Archaeologist Interview In Tomb That Disagrees With Conclusions

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