Bam. nails it.

See this video, worship leader pals. Over my years doing worship training, many have asked me what worship planner I use. For many moons now, has been my big go-to choice.

It was designed for the chord chart worship leader, by a worship leader, and with over 8000+ pre-loaded songs (audio transposable for band practice!), tons of other tools, and now released in its new format (customer service is excellent), I’m digging it even more.
See this video for a primer on it if you’re considering a planner option that just works. I’m very happy for their new upgrade. Woot.

Go Kim Gentes and team. I give the new a hearty 3 Bams.

Bam. Bam. Bam.

Welcome to from Kim Gentes on Vimeo.

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