The Suspension Of Disbelief

I was with my good friend, Peter Fitch, yesterday at lunch. We were talking about “the teleological suspension of disbelief.” Before you stop reading and gag, let me explain.

The “teleological suspension of disbelief” (TSOD for short) is when, for matters of study and analysis, we say “I don’t agree with what this author is saying in this book, but for the moment, I will choose to give my disbelief a break and assume this author is right….” We then may see the world through the author’s eyes, and have a different perspective on their words.

Peter shared that his class, in the midst of a culture of Christian cynicism and skepticism, suggested that they try the TSOD in relation to ourselves, and our faith in God.

To suspend our doubts, and our disbelief, to see things in a way that God may intend can be a renewing exercise in hope. I think this would be a good exercise for the whole of the emerging Church right now.

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