Three Voice Learning

I was reflecting today on the joy of what I learned from a mentor of mine, while teaching so many years ago – Three Voice Learning.

Our classes went beyond study, deep into formation, transformation and renewal because of this learning framework.

First, we have to acknowledge that we learn from many voices, and ultimately, become our own teacher by the permission we give other voices (be they speaking to us, coming to us through a book, or interacting with us in friendship) to shape our feeling and thinking.

Three-Voice Learning depends on three-voices being given the space, the time, and the opportunity to speak as we’re learning something new:

1. The Voice Of The Text (the writer/author)
In my studies, reflections from Ignatius, Theresa of Avila, Francis Of Assisi, and Paul graced my studies in Spiritual Formation. The authors speak to us, and we engage them.

2. The Voice Of The Person (the teacher and participant)
I love to make all my live classes roundtable, conversational, and engaging. That’s how I learned to teach from my best mentors and friends. Truth is unearthed from the dialogue of contrasting perspectives, and the riches that rise to the surface often astound me – especially when good food, drink, and laughter are involved.

3. The Voice Of The Holy Spirit (the God we invite to guide us into truth)
I cannot express how often, in our roundtable (often round-couches) learning settings the room has felt as though it should go silent, or erupt in ecstatic praise, as the Holy Spirit elevated a beautiful idea, or a transforming vision of God, the world or ourselves – before our eyes. Many times in our classes, we would simple stop and be silent, or pray, or sing.

What a privilege to both teach, and learn, in this format.

If you are learning in a group, or individually, create a space for Three-Voice Learning.

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