Today With The Institute

We’re moving along, full strength, here at the Institute.

The Masters students are working through biblical theology of worship, with a focus on Reformation themes/liturgies/music/leadership, along with forays into the the history of worship expression over the past 500 years. Fascinating work in graeco-roman thought (platonic dualism) as compared to a biblical ordering of the universe. A joy to tumble on this ground, it is.

Today we reflect on core influencers in Western hymnody (only one part of the wider worship work culturally in the last 1/2 millenium) and the introduction of spirituals into North American worship music. This leads us into the values of the contemporary worship movements of today in relation to recent history. Each module will take us back in time.

Our One Year students are presenting their creative retellings of the Origins Of Worship at chapel today. Wood carvings, physical theatre, songs, video projects, visual art, storytelling and other creative means will fill the famous SSU Red Room today. A very creative batch of students, we have. Should be a joy.

I’m off to teach – our Three Voice Learning model makes these times so rich for both teacher and participants.

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