ToneWoodAmp Review For Small Group And Living Room Worship Leading

Turn your volume up or use headphones for this one. I review the ToneWoodAmp ( for Small Group and Living Room worship settings. As a committed agent of the Acoustic+ Movement (i.e. returning the experience of music and worship to its native, more acoustic+, circular setting as often as possible), this little tool will prove very helpful.

Photo by Sebastian Radu on Unsplash

It’s no secret that I’m part of a movement to return music, but more specifically, the formational experience of worship, as often as possible, to its native, acoustic+, human environment.

The Acoustic+ Movement

I personally define Acoustic+ as an acoustic environment in which some electronic aids may enhance, but not overtake, the acoustic, natural nature of the space and the aural experience. Enter tasteful effects, ambient guitars, acoustic pianos, keyboards, etc.

For years, this approach has put me in living rooms, acoustic+ worship circles, small settings, and even hotel meeting rooms with poor acoustics, leading people in worship.

In a living room or small space, I don’t want to plug in an amp or run power and a cable – ultimately taking away from the simplicity of the environment. I just want a skosh more volume and a little more fullness in the sound.

Is The ToneWoodAmp The Answer?

Recently I saw an ad for the ToneWoodAmp on Instagram, and got curious. This little, magnetized assembly brings effects to an acoustic guitar, using the body of the guitar and its sound-hole as the amplifier.

I asked them if they’d let me try one if I did a review. They said yes. I’m committed to not giving something a good review if I don’t believe it’s actually helpful. In this case, I do, especially for those leaning toward the Acoustic+ Movement with me.

My Video Review

See the video below, and headphones or a desktop/laptop will matter. I’ve since road-tested it in a hotel board room worship setting, and it helps.

Others’ Reviews

Here are tons of videos where artists give the ToneWoodAmp a spin for their context.

Magnets & Installation

Note: FYI, if you’re interested in trying one, it’s non-invasive to your guitar (meaning there is no change to your guitar – it’s all based on magnets).

They have a 60-day return policy, so you can give it a whirl.

And I get nothing from recommending you try it, other than I may get to keep my own from the test run.

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