Under A Chilean Sun: Video Update On The National Conference


We just finished an amazing event with the Vineyard communities in Chile, Bolivia, Peru, Brazil, Argentina and Ecuador.

I’m quite tired at the finish, but it was a privilege to be with such fantastic friends here. Abbi (my daughter) had a great time working her linguistic gifts in Spanish. The Southern Cone is filled with welcoming, hospitable friends.

The sessions were rich with worship, ministry and encouragement for all the churches there, and a killer media company, visuals, etc. made the time a great success.

I’m reminded of why I will keep doing what I do; hope runs strong when God is the Subject of the life, acting out the verbs toward the objects of His affection – us.

Thank you all for praying for us. Other details will be up in a few days. Maybe some clips of me working my Spanish chops will make their way to a vid.

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