Update: WIW Bristol

Joining in with great friends Matt Turrigiano (and his beautiful wife Bekah and kids) and Andrew Wallis, we had a veritable BristolBlast.

So much happened, I won’t even try to capture. The band was great, including Andre’, Nathan, Steve, Suse (came in 4th in UK idol), Steph and Rachel, Andy (Pure Reason Revolution – Sony) and Matt T., and Matt F.. Rich times of worship all around. The sound company guys were pure butter to work with, too.

Some beautiful spontaneous moments of worship happened as well; I trust some new songs will be born from the time. “Spirit of God, breathe on us now, come have Your way with us….”

I had my travelling bud Matt Frise fill the ministry times with solo violin that just cracked open hearts. Lots of sweet ministry activity from God, and life all around with the content of the weekend.

We saw dear friends Mike and Helen Frye (writers of “Be The Centre,” and other tunes on the Hungry CD), and their discipleship group, called Dust. What a gift to meet Jodi, Joff and the whole Dust gang as well. Dan Frye, their son, is here doing the Institute Diploma program at SSU.

I’ll stop there. Just wanted to make sure I didn’t forget to post on this unforgettable time with dear pals in Bristol.

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