Valentine Wilt And Valley Forge

On a wall, in a small cabin in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, a name is etched in a column among the names of many others.

One name, Valentine Wilt, is of special importance to me. It seems that I have a distant relative who served in the Revolutionary War, and in fact was part of the iconic Valley Forge experience.

A search for details yielded the following detail about Valentine Wilt, and I believe I have the correct one that is our ancestor.

“Valentine Wilt (1754-96) served as private in the 2nd battalion, York County, Pa., 1779, Capt.”

The battle at Valley Forge can be read about at Wikipedia.

For today, as we celebrate our family love here in our home with chocolate, flowers, cards and decorations (my wife does it big), I have one interest that is paramount related to my ancestor.

That interest for today?

The curious fact that his name was “Valentine.”

What a lovely moniker.

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