Waiting For Good News

Good news. We all wait for it, listen for it, hope for it.

Whether we wait for news of peace in a battle we’re close to in place or time, news of supply when we’re at the end of our rope, or news of joy when we’re wondering if life indeed holds any, we all love to hear good news.

Today, as I consider my own longing for good news, I am reminded of those I love. God is the greatest source of good news that greets me today – such peace in knowing that I am/we are not alone in my/our challenges. My wife, children, family and friends are the purest of good news to me, coming to me again today and reminding me that to be deeply loved, and to deeply love, are treasures that most newspapers and magazines will not linger over today – but which I will enjoy.

Look for, listen for, your good news today.

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