What Is Judgement?

There are so many quick thoughts about God’s judgement, His decision-making, in the world.

Some jump on the judgement bandwagon whenever there is disaster (that doesn’t impact them significantly), and declare God’s judgement is being enacted. Their mouths should be wired shut.

Others, a kinder, gentler segment of the race, will never even allow the language of God acting in macro-history to cross their lips, or enter their minds. They are empathic toward individuals, yet find it difficult to consider that course-corrections in humanity may be being made by an outside Source. For these, random acts of disaster are just that – random.

I lean toward the latter, but do believe that God acts in ways that are beyond our perception and reason. I.e. There is a bigger Story, though I choose not to even try to state it in the face of personal or corporate disaster.

A glance at the scriptures shows a few key elements that may help us be more silent in the face of what we perceive to be God’s declaration of endorsement or refusal:

Biblical Ideas On God’s judgement:




It is based on:

What is actually done,

What is actually done according to the light that they’ve recieved, and

Something is based on “day of Jesus Christ” – i.e. the day when secrets are revealed.


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