What Is Worship? DVD: Now Released!


The What Is Worship? DVD we’ve been working on for years is finally released.

It’s all about widening the imagining of worship we have in our day, to a fully-scoped worldview. Irenaeus of Lyons said, “The glory of God is a human being, fully alive.” That idea has driven me for the past 20 years immersed in the world of contemporary and emerging worship leadership.

Finally, after many years of work, the new What Is Worship? DVD is out, including my “all over the world” interviews with:

N.T. Wright, Matt Redman, Brian Doerksen, John Eldredge, David Ruis, Kathryn Scott, Derek Morphew, Tim Hughes, Nigel Briggs, Don Williams, John Wimber (well, this one wasn’t live), Peter Fitch and Peter Davids.

I’m doing W?W events in London and Holland in 2 weeks with Dr. Peter Fitch, and beginning to do some Coram Deo events (ancient/present nights of liturgical/contemporary worship) out and about.

Thus begins the next phase of the journey.

Watch for the new Institute Of Contemporary & Emerging Worship Studies we’re now founding at St. Stephen’s University, as well.

What Is Worship? DVD at Vineyard Music Canada

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