Worship Development Network: Vineyard UK

We’re heading to Nettle Hill tomorrow with a few worship leaders out of the Vineyard in the UK to process how fresh and living ways of encouraging, equipping and developing worship leaders can occur across the country.

My role is as a facilitator of discussion and to lead us toward goal of stewarding our influence well. This would be a gift, if we all understood our part to play in shaping a generation in its worship expression and leadership.

Eating alot of salad; feel better this trip than many before. Great time with Vineyard leaders, some of the Emergent/Vineyard leaders and other denominational participants this last run. God is attentive both to us, and our generation.

Sweet, highly rhythmic and primal worship moments were being touched in our last event, especially after our eucharist (communion) time on Saturday evening. These are happening everywhere I go. What a blast – it gets so deep with God I can almost taste His nearness. Joy and depth; all together.

Off for now. Much to prepare for tomorrow.

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