Worship Gives Me A Reason When A Reason Can’t Be Found

Worship Gives Me a Reason When a Reason Can’t Be Found

There is no reason to sing. There is no reason to smile. There is no reason to lift my hands or say a creed or surrender to God.

At least, that’s what my heart sometimes tells me when I walk into a room on a Sunday morning after a hard, hard week.

Anxieties are high. Fear is strong. Faith feels like a thread running through a tapestry laced with thousands of threads of heartache.

Then the worship leader steps up. The band begins to play. Through words, music, and spiritual leadership, bringing the songs of Zion to my eyes and ears, I am given a reason.

A reason to sing. Jesus. A reason to smile. Hope. A reason to lift my hands and say a creed and surrender to God. Life abundant is found here.

I leave strong in the Lord, confident in His mighty power. I came in one person, and, through worship, I left another.

Worship offers meaning when I’ve lost the plot.

Worship gives me a reason when a reason can’t be found.




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