Worship Is Renewing Me

I’ve been leading worship alot these days, in small and large settings, with students, older folks and young ones.

My heart is getting softer to God and to people as one result, and I sense old seeds sending out feeder roots looking for nutrients. Waters in my heart are being stirred by angels, it seems.

Dreams are a vehicle for His voice in the night, and I’m weeping and laughing with my kids in a more significant way than we have in some time.

Other things are intensifying, and are difficult, and yet there is a sense of depth and wisdom as we approach them.

Of course, I still lose my cool when all things are not stable for us, but still there is an underlying current that is moving us along; I sense, toward God and not away.

Leading worship is such a privilege. I don’t understand it fully, but I know that to sing songs that focus on a reality beyond us, Who is Love, is renewing.

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