Worship Leader Role Evaluation

This is a question we ask all worship leaders in our Essentials In Worship Leading Course during our week 2 class on The Roles Of The Worship Leader. We’re studying lots of things around it, but we hope it’s helpful to you on its own.


This evaluation we developed at worshiptraining.com can either be done on one’s own, or in tandem with a pastor/overseer. In the latter case, it would be good for each to fill out their perspective on the following answers, then compare notes.

Reflect on the many roles the worship leader must fulfill among those who we lead in worship.

Which roles come more naturally to you by personality, and which are areas of challenge for you to grow in? Use the following list to help you answer.

Priestly (building bridges for people to connect with God)
Teacher (communicating themes without music)
Storyteller (retelling the realities of the Kingdom in music)
Evangelist (leading others to a place of challenge and commitment)
Pastor (relationally nurturing our teams, communities)
Prophetic (challenging Christians to go to new edges in their faith)
Administrative (organizing worship, planning, details, events)
Intercessory (committed to pray for those we lead/lead with)

When working with a worship team or group of musicians, what is your greatest strength? Your greatest challenge? How about when working with your pastor or those in oversight roles (small group pastors, etc.)?

Copy and paste the following in your answer, and rate yourself 1-10 beside it. I.e. 10 is “amazing at this,” and 1 is “oh my goodness, this is a rough patch for me.”

In cases where you’re not sure how the “w/pastor” rating fits, rate how you think your pastoral leader would rate you in this area.

– Honest communication? (w/team: w/pastor: )
– Submission to another’s leadership? (w/team: w/pastor: )
– Musical strength/leadership (w/team: w/pastor: )
– Pastorally supporting others? (w/team: w/pastor: )
– Conflict resolution? (w/team: w/pastor: )
– Being a team player? (w/team: w/pastor: )
– Supporting another’s vision? (w/team: w/pastor: )
– Being easy to get along with/likeable (w/team: w/pastor: )
– Mentoring other leaders/musicians (w/team: w/pastor: )

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