People Of The Fierce Hosanna

In Mark 11:1-11, Jesus is entering the Great Jerusalem, meaning “City of Shalom, City of completeness, wholeness, of God’s all-permeating Peace.” But as the Prince of Peace enters – the Prince of Shalom Himself – a holy mess is about to be made.

Jesus marks the beginning of His Passion week, as crowds before Him, crowds behind Him, and crowds all around Him voice a singular cry: “Hosanna!” – a cry of triumphant praise, that means “Save, now!” But no one is prepared for the kind of saving, the kind of rescue operation, the kind of deliverance mission about to be initiated by the One whose very name, Y’shua, means “The Lord saves.” 

The Reframe

A Guest Post with Anita Wilt

As many of my blog readers know, my wife is my Spiritual Director in one key area of my formation as a Christian and as a human being. It is through her role modeling, and daily coaching, that I am learning the raw power of expressing thankfulness in all circumstances. This brief guest post, written by her, should become a must-read for any human being wanting thanksgiving to become their new normal. Please share it with friends. I commend her unique voice to you.

The Reframe
How God’s Love Changes What We See
By Anita Wilt

Recently I replaced the frame of a piece of art that’s been hanging in our home since we were married.

The old frame was ‘tired’ and made the art seem likewise. The new frame was a great improvement.

Reframing that art got me thinking. What was inside the frame did not change, but with a different frame around it, the artwork took on a new look; the actual art was not altered, but its appearance was.

Thanks to the new frame, the art had taken on new life.