8:12… Another Early Morning

It’s 8:12 am…

…On a Sunday morning, and I’m off to join the crew that is setting up sound gear, prepping visual song presentation, tuning their instruments, reviewing corporate worship tunes, and praying with expectation as we prepare to lead people into a place of meeting with God on another earth day in time.

No fanfair or fireworks marking the sacrifice these beauties make; just a bunch of faithful BigHearts whose one goal this morning is not to elevate their playing gift, express their musical prowess or get their musical/creative jollies.

From sound team, to visual team, to worship team, to leadership team… we just want to make a space for God and us to encounter one another.

Another early morning, another day well spent this side of heaven. Life is good.

Ed. Note: I do understand that 8:12 is not that early to many of us. It’s a sleep-in day for those of us not leading worship before our 2 services.

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