Thanksgiving, EarthQuakes, and Hope

Canadian Thanksgiving yesterday. Lots of celebration and storytelling with kids, Grandparents and SSU friends.

My lovely wife and I went to a bed and breakfast in Northern Maine called The Chadbourne House, that is just incredible. Our hosts, David and Jill Westphal, took such great care to make sure we had a rich time together — and became fast friends.

The devastation in Asia right now is every bit as weighty on my heart as any of the events here in North America. Pray for the broken families and the governments with me even as you read this blog entry.

Life this side of Eden’s rift continues to demand that we be good human beings to one another.

I’m doing some editing work for a new training program called Trinity Learning Community in California that is rich in combining community with skilled training for Christian leaders. They’ll partner with SSU in some way through the times ahead.

I’m thinking, today, that there is great hope for all of us today. We are being looked after.

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