Candle Of Devotion: The Brighter Flame

This morning, I lit my candle of devotion (it’s a small votive candle in a rough, earthenware dish I keep on my desk to mark the hours of prayer) and prayed my daily prayers of commitment to the Father, Son and Spirit of God.

Due to uneven burning (how true that metaphor is to life as we know it) two votive wicks were visible and ready for lighting – so I attended the flame to them both.

One flame rose high and full, the second was smaller and thinner. The second was no less alive than the first, yet noticeably liliputian to the first. The Lord spoke these words to me:

“To imagine yourself a man whose devotion to Me burns brighter than my Own to you, is to imagine vainly. I am the most devoted of all, and toward you I set my heart.”

Though many tasks, cares and visions both burden and bustle in my life today, I will recognize that there is One pursuing me now Who is the most devoted of all.

Added Note:

David Crowder reflects here on the collision of life and death related to Kyle Lake’s tragic death last year. I thought it was worth noting.

A Beautiful Collision

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