Setting Our Sails: Vineyard Canada Mahone Bay

We just got through a 4 hour band rehearsal for our Vineyard Canada national gathering in Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia, called Setting Our Sails. I’m just plain tuckered.

It’s hard work tightening and sharpening songs, and I really don’t like to rehearse at all (especially driving rehearsal knowing all the background logistics, multiple worship leaders, budgets, and dynamics that can occur), but its worth it when people are engaging in worship with semi-seamless, beautiful music that lifts their hearts to God. Our band is a bunch of great hearts as well, so life is good.

Some beautiful violin playing, some rich celebration and times of intimate devotion, some ancient/future worship expression (Coram Deo), circles of stomp-like, all aboard worship circles going into the night, artists, wonderful teachers, beautiful Nova Scotia and some serious kitchen-party/ceilidh action with Stephanie Mainville.

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