A Human Family

I was watching a piece from U2’s Vertigo Tour DVD the other day, and something came to mind.

The reason U2 remains so popular with the culture of today, and with Christians, is due to the fact that they are not primarily championing a faith family in their music, but rather a human family.

Their quest, as I’ve said before is the quest of the artist, is an underlying yearning to restore the wholeness of Eden once again – to revisit its landscape.

Artists push us to “remember how to walk on water” (Madeline L’ Engel), and artists with faith do so mingling their love for God with their longing for the human family to get along and heal itself (in part) by love.

Without making Jesus in our own image, if we begin to tease apart the stories and sayings of the gospels, we can thunderously sense that Jesus is getting at the same ideas related to Eden – a far cry from the goals that are often rampant in today’s brands of evangelical church life.

We are coming full circle, not to Eden as it was, but to Eden amplified.

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