Much Apple Merriment


I’ll soon be able to launch a full-blooded, full-bodied podcast here, within the next few weeks, thanks to Apple’s new iLife.

Their iWeb is fantastic, integrates seamlessly with Garage Band, and sets everyman and everywoman to easily create podcasts and much more.

Only issue I can see is some slow upload (or poor compression) on the images you drag in.

Other than that, I’m astounded at how Apple – though it wants your money like every other computer company – continues to aim right for the felt need brooding in the heart of its logically loyal customers.

I’ll pay for that, and use it to amplify communication across the global landscape that is the web.

No, I don’t advertise for Apple. I’m just sold on something in a market that continually takes from us all. Steve Jobs does a Keynote at the MacWorld Expo that demos all of it, and its pretty incredible.

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