Thoughts On George Herbert

1593-1633. A tumultuous time. Catholics are still killing Protestants. The monarchy is sponsoring uniformity with Prayer book, and the fight between Puritanism and established Anglican Church. Puritanism can’t gather everyone together. It is a violent time.

George Herbert (dies at age 40) comes from a wealthy background, university orator at Cambridge in 1620, member of Parliament, married, and named rector, ordained to Anglican priesthood at Salisbury Cathedral. Lives only 40 years, 3 of which are as a pastor.

Much of his The Country Parson is idealism. He’s chosen to leave Parliament to be faithful in a small place that no one will see. Many of his people are illiterate; he writes the poems to bring the Gospel to the people he leads.

“…People by what they understand, are best led to what they understand not.” p. 58

“Scriptures hee findes four things; Precepts for life, Doctrines for knowledge, Examples for illustration, and Promises for comfort.” p. 58

“When You speak, all are scholars…”

“The country parson’s library is a holy Life.” If you make it through a temptation, you’ve got a sermon.

“Sermons are to inform or enflame.”

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