Worship Software & Apple/Mac Users

Further to the emerging worship trends activity, and the buzzing post below, EnhanceWorship.com was kind enough to send me a beta version to be a tester for their Mac OSX app (Tiger). Thanks guys. That’s better than a t-shirt. They also do a PC version.

So far, I’m really thrilled with what I see in EnhanceWorship’s package, and Vineyard Records UK is behind them, too. I see no one else is working so hard to create software that aids the Apple-based worship leader – especially those who want their initial database full of a mix of Vineyard, Soul Survivor and Passion songs. I do believe that’s where they’re headed, to include all of those contemporary song resources.

Way to go, guys.

Now, WorshipConnect.com is still there and in the running, doing a web-based worship leader tool, and I love what I see. Their look is great, and all the functionalities that SongBase (only catering to PC users at this point) and others have put in are promised to be there but I’m waiting to hear from them how soon they’ll release their finished product.

I’ll keep you posted, Apple friends.

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