Artists Creating The Future: A Visit To O’More College Of Design

One of the great gifts I have experienced in my brief lifetime is that of interacting with artists from various camps within the creative community.

Today, I spent time with friend and artist Josh Lomelino, who teaches web and graphic design over at O’More College of Design in Franklin, TN.

I was sitting in on his class, with a room full of young artists – each a colorful soul in their own right working toward making a career in the arts… well… work.

I was convinced again that artists have the capacity to create the future in culture in ways that many other fields have more limited capacity.

Public policy lives downstream from public opinion, a friend has said, and it is the artists who have the capacity to sway the heart before the mind has a chance to critically dismantle an idea.

One of my great passions is to spend my life infusing fresh vision, theology and creativity in young artists (and old) – telling a Story of the world that places them at the very center of a healing mission rather than on the periphery.

If the StoryTellers can find their way, and the Message for which they were gifted to speak in design and drama and dance and ditty – then the world will indeed listen. That message has a million nuances, and a thousands ways its can be told; it will be artists who deliver truths of both injustice and freedom into the souls of a waiting world.

Young designer Andrew Wierzba (Media76) will be working with us on a project, and I look forward to the journey of growth ahead.

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