STAY Jesus, our Ascended Lord and Shepherd of our souls knows you, sees you, and loves you. (Smile.) You are the cared-for, belong-to, and ever-seen child of God. Take a deep breath; you are the beloved of the Beloved. That little girl, that little boy, wrapped

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Book: Sheltering Mercy | Prayers Inspired By The Psalms

Sheltering Mercy | Prayers Inspired by the Psalms I’ve spent much of the last 35 years searching the depths of the Scriptures, praying and singing their truths, and writing those prayers in poetic form. After years of dreaming and experimenting with co-author Ryan Whitaker Smith,

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A 40-Day Experiment That Changed My Life

It worked for me, for years. Sunday morning. Go to church. A 30 minute worship set. A teaching, prepared by a skilled communicator. A time of prayer. Maybe communion, maybe not. Often we leave moved, impacted, even changed. Then we leave – but what happens

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