Family And Parenting

A Sample Wedding Service For Couples

I’ve officiated many weddings over the years, and here is a sample wedding service to give you ideas as you plan your own. Sample Wedding Ceremony Prelude (seating of main family in the front, groomsmen and groom take place) Processional (bridesmaids come in, maid of

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How To Treat A Woman

For over 30 years, I’ve made myself a student of marriage, primarily for the sake of enriching my own marriage and uplifting and celebrating my own wife. I’ve carefully watched men’s interactions with the women in their lives, and sought to observe where the build

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Creational Theology

The Cathedral Of The Creator

Why should the natural world feature prominently in our worship expressions and experiences? Any theology, be it sung, preached, or written, that doesn’t profoundly integrate the natural world around us, creates a very small story of worship. A small story of worship creates a small

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