You 10 Years From Now

How To Kill A Bad Habit, And Start A New System

Add 10 years to your life. How old will you be? Now, look at your current habits in one area of life that is continually not working out how you want it to. Multiply your current habits in that area times 10 years. Do you like what you see?

If you don’t like what you see, today is the day to – literally – kill the habits that are dragging you down.

Killing A Habit – The Example Of Health

I’ll start with an example. I’ve been wrestling with weight loss for some time now, and a trajectory in my family line toward diabetes, heart-disease, and other issues that rise and fall on daily eating and exercise choices.

I’ve tried and failed in many ways, and the truth is, most of what I do is half-hearted.

So let’s call any habit this is not helping me arrive at who I want to be in 10 years “bad.”

Related to my health, I have some bad habits (and bad attitudes that keep them going). Ready for honesty? 

A 40-Day Experiment That Changed My Life

Why Church Will Never Be Enough

It worked for me, for years. Sunday morning. A 30 minute worship set. A teaching, prepared by a skilled communicator. A time of prayer. Maybe communion, maybe not. Often we leave moved, impacted, even changed. Then we leave – but what happens next? While it’s all good and important, I came to a place in my life where I said, “If this is my discipleship, it’s not working for me.” It just wasn’t working – and I’ve heard it’s not working for others.

It’s off to Sunday lunch, and a week dotted with quiet prayer to start each day. Mid-week we connect with a small group. Maybe, maybe not.

Meanwhile we work, we play, we struggle, our hearts grow tired, and we forget to be thankful, to feed on the Scriptures, and to meet in silence with God.

Yes, I was serving others, but I was not being formed into Christ by weekly, or even bi-weekly rhythms. I didn’t realize that I was being drawn to a daily rhythm that would – literally – change my life.