Cultivating Friendship

I was speaking with friend last night on the importance of having good friends, who give as well as receive from our lives. Having spent much time with artists and creative people, I’ve noted that we can get lost in the “universe within” unless there are regular interactions with friends who pull us out of our microcosm into a wider world.

I’m going to let Teresa of Avila, one of the Church mystics, bring a word to us today on the cultivating of lasting, enriching friendships:

“I know from this the great advantage that there is of having good companions. I am certain that if at that tender age I had been thrown among good people, I should have persevered in virtue. For if at that time I had found anyone to teach me the fear of the Lord, my soul would have grown strong enough not to fall away.”

Teresa of Avila, A Life of Prayer, Classics of Faith and Devotion, Bethany House Publishers, Ed. By Dr. James M. Houston, p. 2

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